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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2024, Vol. 58 Issue (1): 197-206    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2024.01.021
Effect of fine metallic Z-pin on compressive property of open-hole composite laminate
Xiaowen SONG1,2(),Jiacheng DU3,Shaohua FEI1,2,Huiming DING1,2,4,*(),Jinliang WANG3,Yu GAO1,2
1. State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Mechatronic System, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
2. Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
3. Polytechnic Institute, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310015, China
4. Donghai Laboratory, Zhoushan 316021, China
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The influence of fine (?0.11 mm) metallic Z-pin volume fraction and arrangement on the mechanical performance and failure behavior of the open-hole laminates compression was analyzed through open-hole compression test and parametric multi-scale finite element model. Discrete solid element was employed to represent Z-pins, and the 3D Hashin failure criterion was utilized to assess the initial in-plane damage. Then the unstable propagation of kink band was effectively simulated during structural failure. Results showed that the compressive strength of all Z-pinned open-hole laminates was lower than that of specimens without Z-pins. The bridging effect between Z-pins and laminates was enhanced with an increase in Z-pin volume fraction, resulting in increased compressive strength of Z-pinned open-hole laminates. The delaminated area around the hole was suppressed, leading to a maximum reduction of 67% in the damaged area. The variation of Z-pin arrangement did not significantly affect the compression strength of open-hole laminates under the same volume fraction. The maximum relative error between the finite element model simulated results of Z-pinned open-hole laminates and experimental results was 8.6%.

Key wordsZ-pin      composite      parameterized modelling      progressive damage      open-hole laminate     
Received: 13 March 2023      Published: 07 November 2023
CLC:  V 258  
  TB 332  
Fund:  浙江省重点研发计划资助项目(2020C01039)
Corresponding Authors: Huiming DING     E-mail:;
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Xiaowen SONG,Jiacheng DU,Shaohua FEI,Huiming DING,Jinliang WANG,Yu GAO. Effect of fine metallic Z-pin on compressive property of open-hole composite laminate. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2024, 58(1): 197-206.

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通过开孔板压缩试验和建立的参数化多尺度有限元模型,获得微细(?0.11 mm)金属Z-pin植入体积分数和排布方式对开孔板压缩力学性能和失效行为的影响规律. 采用离散实体单元代表Z-pin,选用3D Hashin失效准则判断面内起始损伤,可以有效地模拟结构失效过程中扭结现象的不稳定扩展. 结果表明,所有加Z-pin开孔板的压缩强度均低于无Z-pin试样. 随着Z-pin植入体积分数的增加,Z-pin与层合板之间的桥联作用增强,加Z-pin开孔层合板压缩强度增加,开孔周围分层损伤区域受到抑制,损伤区域面积最高减小了67%. 在相同的体积分数下,Z-pin排布变化对开孔板压缩强度没有显著影响. 加Z-pin开孔板有限元模型的模拟结果与试验结果之间的最大相对误差为8.6%.

关键词: Z-pin,  复合材料,  参数化建模,  渐进损伤,  开孔层合板 
Fig.1 Schematic diagram of OHC specimen size
Fig.2 Schematic diagram of Z-pin implantation lattice
Fig.3 Ultrasound guided Z-pin device
Fig.4 Vacuum bag for curing
Fig.5 Open-hole compression experimental environment
Fig.6 OHC experimental and FEA load-displacement curve
试验编号 $ \varphi $/% $ {\sigma _{\text{c}}} $/MPa $ {\text{CV}} $/%
A 0.00 335.25 3.63
B 0.15 319.65 (?4.65%) 4.62
C 0.11 317.86 (?5.19%) 4.63
D 0.04 307.26 (?8.35%) 2.49
E 0.11 317.76 (?5.22%) 3.50
Tab.1 Experimental results of OHC
Fig.7 Schematic diagram of resin rich area
Fig.8 Kink band propagation process of OHC specimen
Fig.9 Failure appearance on thickness direction
Fig.10 Configuration of finite element model
Fig.11 OHC FE model results for different failure criterions
Fig.12 Intralaminar failure bilinear degradation model
参数 参数值 参数 参数值
${{{E}}_{\text{1}}}{\text{/GPa}}$ 90 ${X_{\text{T}}}/{\text{MPa}}$ 1700
${{{E}}_{\text{2}}}{\text{/GPa}}$ 7.1 ${X_{\text{C}}}/{\text{MPa}}$ 900
${{{E}}_{\text{3}}}{\text{/GPa}}$ 7.1 ${Y_{\text{T}}}/{\text{MPa}}$ 55
${\nu _{{\text{12}}}}$ 0.34 ${Y_{\text{C}}}/{\text{MPa}}$ 100
${\nu _{{\text{13}}}}$ 0.34 ${Z_{\text{T}}}/{\text{MPa}}$ 55
${\nu _{{\text{23}}}}$ 0.4 ${Z_{\text{C}}}/{\text{MPa}}$ 100
${G_{{\text{12}}}}{\text{/MPa}}$ 2700 ${S_{ {\text{12} } } }{\text{/MPa} }$ 100
${G_{{\text{13}}}}{\text{/MPa}}$ 2700 ${S_{ {\text{13} } } }{\text{/MPa} }$ 100
${G_{{\text{23}}}}{\text{/MPa}}$ 2500 ${S_{ {\text{23} } } }{\text{/MPa} }$ 55
Tab.2 Laminar material property parameters of FE model
参数 参数值
Cohesive单元 Z-pin Cohesive接触
${K_{ {\text{nn} } } }/({\text{N} }\cdot{\text{mm} }^{-3} )$ 5×104 2188.8
$ {K_{{\text{ss}}}},{K_{{\text{tt}}}}/({\text{N}}\cdot{\text{mm}}^{-3}) $ 5×104 10944.1
$ \sigma _{\text{n}}^0/{\text{MPa}} $ 30 273.6
$ \sigma _{\text{s}}^0,\sigma _{\text{t}}^0/{\text{MPa}} $ 70 789.2
$ G_{\rm{n}}^{\rm{C}}/({\text{kJ}}\cdot{{\text{m}}^{{-2}}}) $ 0.6 1103.5
$ G_{\rm{s}}^{\rm{C}},G_{\rm{t}}^{\rm{C}}/({\text{kJ}}\cdot {{\text{m}}^{{-2}}}) $ 1.2 1325.5
Tab.3 Cohesive interface property
Fig.13 Flowchart of Z-pin open-hole laminates modelling algorithm
试验组别 $ {\sigma _{\text{c}}} $/MPa $ \sigma _{\text{c}}^{{\text{sim}}} $/MPa $ \delta $/%
A 335.25 340.83 1.67
B 319.65 347.17 8.61
C 317.86 332.17 4.50
D 307.26 317.00 3.17
E 317.76 330.25 3.93
Tab.4 Experimental and simulated compressive strength of open-hole laminates
Fig.14 Progressive failure of OHC
Fig.15 Delamination propagation status
Fig.16 Finite element analysis results of Z-pin contact behavior
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