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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2022, Vol. 56 Issue (2): 271-279    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2022.02.007
Keyword search algorithm of large graph based on GPU
He-xiang LIN1(),Lian-peng QIAO2,Ye YUAN1,*(),Guo-ren WANG1
1. School of Computer Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China
2. School of Computer Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110169, China
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A new keyword search algorithm on graphics processing unit (GPU) was designed based on the research of the traditional keyword search problem on graphs. First of all, a keyword search problem based on Steiner tree semantics was defined. A basic algorithm was designed on the CPU in combination with the traditional all-pair shortest path algorithm. The algorithm could not be directly transplanted to the GPU due to the characteristics of the CPU architecture. Secondly, a basic search algorithm on GPU was designed, and its advantages and remaining shortcomings compared to the CPU version were analyzed. To improve the query speed of the algorithm, an index-based optimization technique was proposed reflecting on the shortcomings of the basic search algorithm on GPU. An efficient keyword search algorithm on GPU was designed, using the relaxing and updating idea of the single-source shortest path algorithm, keyword independence, and internal integrity. Finally, an optimization idea on GPU for the r-cliques keyword search problem was proposed based on the idea of the algorithm. By analyzing the complexity of the algorithm and conducting experiments on real data sets, the correctness and effectiveness of the GPU algorithm are proved, and it is proved that the algorithm still has strong computing performance on large-scale graph data.

Key wordskeyword search      attributed graph      index      general-purpose computing on GPU      parallel computing     
Received: 15 July 2021      Published: 03 March 2022
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Corresponding Authors: Ye YUAN     E-mail:;
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He-xiang LIN,Lian-peng QIAO,Ye YUAN,Guo-ren WANG. Keyword search algorithm of large graph based on GPU. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2022, 56(2): 271-279.

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在传统图上关键字检索问题研究的基础上,基于图形处理器(GPU)设计新的关键字检索算法. 基于Steiner tree语义定义关键字检索问题,针对该问题结合传统多源最短路径算法在CPU上设计基本算法,由于CPU架构特性,该算法无法直接移植到GPU上. 提出GPU上的基本检索算法,分析它相对于CPU版本的优势和仍然存在的不足. 为了提升算法查询速度,反思GPU上基本检索算法的不足之处,提出基于索引的优化技术,利用单源最短路径算法的松弛更新思想、关键字独立性和内部整体性,设计GPU上的高效关键字检索算法. 扩展该算法思想,对r-cliques关键字检索问题提出GPU上的优化思路. 通过分析算法复杂度并在真实数据集上进行实验,证明该GPU算法的正确性和有效性,并证明算法在较大规模图数据上仍有较强的计算性能.

关键词: 关键字检索,  属性图,  索引,  GPU通用计算,  并行计算 
Fig.1 Example graph of keyword search and answer tree
节点 $v$ ${ {{\rm{Score}}} _v}$ ${ {\boldsymbol{K} }_{ {T_v} } }$
${v_1}$ $5$ $[{v_2},{v_3}]$
${v_2}$ $2$ $[{v_2},{v_5}]$
${v_3}$ $2$ $[{v_2},{v_3}]$
${v_4}$ $1$ $[{v_4},{v_5}]$
${v_5}$ $0$ $[{v_5},{v_5}]$
Tab.1 Result of example graph of keyword search
Fig.2 Example graph for $r$-cliques problem
数据集 节点数 边数 最多标签 总关键字
D1 2 668 209 504 1 191
D2 6 410 75 052 60 112
D3 8 228 888 49 691 058 155 220
D4 13 629 975 171 789 964 1 293
D5 48 963 638 483 795 764 4 198
Tab.2 Scale infomation of data sets for keyword search experiment
Fig.3 Overview of execution time of three keyword search algorithms
Fig.4 Display for result of sample data of AdvG
Fig.5 Display for extension of vertices of AdvG
Fig.6 Display for extension of edges of AdvG
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