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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2022, Vol. 56 Issue (8): 1485-1494    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2022.08.002
Code development and verification for weak coupling of seepage-stress based on TOUGH2 and FLAC3D
Xia-lin LIU1(),Sheng-bin ZHANG1,Quan CHEN2,Heng SHU1,Shang-ge LIU3
1. CCCC Second Highway Consultants Limited Company, Wuhan 430056, China
2. Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan 430071, China
3. China GEZHOUBA Group International Engineering Co. Ltd, Beijing 100025
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Traditional and new geotechnical engineering problems such as compressed air energy storage, intercepting water with compressed air, carbon dioxide sequestration and oil and gas underground reserve project are all involving air-water two-phase flow and stress coupling problems. For this engineering reality, based on the weak coupling theory of gas-water two-phase seepage and stress in unsaturated soil, a air-water two-phase percolation-stress coupling calculation program based on coupled TOUGH2 and FLAC3D was developed. The calculation program can simulate real air-water two phase flow, and can investigate the gas-water interaction of seepage process. The calculation program considers the direct interaction between gas-water two-phase seepage and soil skeleton deformation, reflects the process of porosity, permeability, capillary pressure and the change of soil physical and mechanical parameters, and achieve a more perfect gas-water two-phase seepage-stress coupling analysis. Furthermore, by comparing with classical drainage test and model test, it is verified that the program can accurately simulate the gas-water two-phase flow-stress interaction.

Key wordsunsaturated soil      air-water two-phase flow      fluid-structure interaction      weak coupling      TOUGH2-FLAC3D     
Received: 28 July 2021      Published: 30 August 2022
CLC:  TU 443  
Fund:  新疆维吾尔自治区重大科技专项(2020A03003, 2020A03003-1);中交集团重点专项(2020-ZJKJ-ZDZX01);中国博士后科学基金课题(2022M712978)
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Xia-lin LIU,Sheng-bin ZHANG,Quan CHEN,Heng SHU,Shang-ge LIU. Code development and verification for weak coupling of seepage-stress based on TOUGH2 and FLAC3D. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2022, 56(8): 1485-1494.

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传统、新型岩土工程问题诸如压缩空气含水层储能、充气截排水技术、二氧化碳地质封存、油气地下储备工程等均涉及气水两相流与应力耦合. 针对这一工程实际,根据非饱和土气水两相渗流-应力弱耦合理论,开发了基于TOUGH2与FLAC3D的气水两相渗流-应力耦合计算搭接程序. 该计算程序能够较为真实地模拟气水两相渗流问题,能够探讨流动过程中气水的相互作用及其对过程的影响. 程序考虑了气水两相渗流与土体骨架变形直接的相互作用,反映了这一过程中孔隙度、渗透率、毛管压力和土体物理力学参数的变化,实现了更为完善的气水两相渗流与应力弱耦合分析. 通过与经典的排水试验和模型试验对比,验证了该程序可以较为准确地模拟气水两相流-应力之间的相互作用.

关键词: 非饱和土,  气水两相流,  流固耦合,  弱耦合,  TOUGH2-FLAC3D 
Fig.1 Schematic of TOUGH2-FLAC3D coupled simulation framework
Fig.2 Programe structure of coupled TOUGH2 and FLAC3D
Fig.3 Schematic of grid transformation for TOUGH2 and FLAC3D
Fig.4 Coupled simulation procedure of TOUGH2 and FLAC3D
Fig.5 Iterative computing process of TOUGH2 and FLAC3D
Fig.6 Schematic of Liakopoulos drainage experiment
变量 单位 数值
E MPa 1.3
$ \nu $ ? 0.4
$ \rho $ kg/m3 2 850
$ \varphi $ ? 0.297 5
$ {p}_{\mathrm{a}\mathrm{t}\mathrm{m}} $ Pa 1.013×105
$ k $ m2 4.5×10?13
Tab.1 Soil mechanical parameters of drainage test
Fig.7 Results of pore-water pressure head varying with time at different heights
Fig.8 Pore-water pressure head at different moments along height direction
Fig.9 Time evolution of outflow of rate of water
Fig.10 Model of slope experiment
Fig.11 Schematic of tensiometers buried
变量 单位 数值
${\gamma }_{{\rm{d}}}$ kN/m3 14.81
${G}_{{\rm{s}}}$ ? 2.70
c kPa 0
$\mathrm{\phi }_{\rm{e}}$ ° 34.3
${k}_{{\rm{sat}}}$ m/s 3.32×10?5
α m?1 3.631
n ? 2.408
${\varphi }_{ {\rm{s} } }$ ? 0.444
${\varphi }_{ {\rm{r} } }$ ? 0.048
Tab.2 Soil parameters of model test
Fig.12 Comparison between model experimental and calculated data     
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