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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2021, Vol. 55 Issue (8): 1464-1472    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2021.08.007
Experimental study on seismic performance of joints connecting concrete-filled steel tube columns and hybrid beams
Shuai-ke FENG1(),Zheng-xing GUO1,*(),Lu-yao NI1,Guo-jian LI2,Chang-yi GONG2,Chao XIE2,Jian-zheng MAN2
1. School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China
2. Zhongyifeng Construction Group Co. Ltd, Suzhou 215131, China
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A novel joint was proposed for connecting hybrid load beams and concrete-filled steel tube columns for long-span prefabricated structures. Cyclic reciprocating tests were conducted on two full-scale interior joint specimens to investigate the seismic performance and mechanical performance of the proposed joint. Two joint specimens were designed with different types of hybrid steel-concrete beams, i.e., reduced beam section (RBS) and untreated H-steels were respectively used at the beam ends. The seismic performance of the joints was analyzed comprehensively based on the failure pattern, dissipated energy, bearing capacity, ductility and strain distribution along the precast hybrid beams. Test results showed that the specimen with RBS region can promote plastic hinge formation in the region, and avoid the brittle fracture of beam end welds. In contrast, the proposed joint with RBS region exhibited better ductility and energy dissipation capability than the joint with untreated steel beam. The energy dissipation of the specimens was affected significantly by the bond slip after the anchoring bars entered the yield stage. Therefore, When the anchorage length of the bars satisfies the design recommendations, a sufficient reinforcement ratio of the bars should be ensured to prevent the emergence of the anchorage bar bond slippage after the bars yielded.

Key wordshybrid beam      concrete-filled steel tube column      reduced beam section (RBS) joint      seismic performance      plastic hinge     
Received: 07 August 2020      Published: 01 September 2021
CLC:  TU 375  
Fund:  国家“十三五”重点研发计划资助项目(2016YFC0701703)
Corresponding Authors: Zheng-xing GUO     E-mail:;
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Shuai-ke FENG,Zheng-xing GUO,Lu-yao NI,Guo-jian LI,Chang-yi GONG,Chao XIE,Jian-zheng MAN. Experimental study on seismic performance of joints connecting concrete-filled steel tube columns and hybrid beams. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2021, 55(8): 1464-1472.

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提出适用于装配式大跨度组合框架结构的钢管混凝土柱-混合梁节点. 为了研究节点的抗震性能及受力机理,对2个足尺中柱节点试件进行低周往复加载试验. 2个试件分别采用混合梁端型钢翼缘削弱式(RBS)节点以及梁端普通型钢节点. 对2个节点的破坏形态、耗能能力、承载能力、延性以及混合梁的应变分布规律进行对比分析. 试验结果表明,对梁端型钢翼缘的削弱处理可以有效促进试件在翼缘削弱区形成塑性铰,避免梁端焊缝的脆性破坏. 相比型钢未经处理的节点,翼缘削弱节点展现出更好的延性和耗能能力;梁底附加钢筋屈服后的黏结滑移会影响节点的耗能能力,在锚固长度满足规范要求的前提下,应适当增加其配筋率,以防止过早出现附加钢筋屈服后的黏结滑移.

关键词: 混合梁,  钢管混凝土柱,  翼缘削弱式(RBS)节点,  抗震性能,  塑性铰 
Fig.1 Schematic diagram of hybrid steel-precast concrete beam
Fig.2 Detail of joint between concrete-filled steel tube column and hybrid beam
Fig.3 Detail of reduced beam sections region
Fig.4 Relationship of bending moment in beam
Fig.5 Dimension and reinforcement details of specimens
试件编号 Mc/(kN·m) Mb/(kN·m) Mbt/(kN·m) Mbr/(kN·m) $ M_{{\rm{bt}}}^{\rm{t}} $/(kN·m) $ M_{{\rm{br}}}^{\rm{t}} $/(kN·m) Mbt/ $M_{{\rm{bt}}}^{\rm{t}}$ Mbr/ $M_{{\rm{br}}}^{\rm{t}}$ k
IJ-1 885.1 514.3 ? 415.9 ? 347.5 ? 1.2 1.7
IJ-2 885.1 514.3 323.5 415.9 460.0 291.9 0.7 1.4 2.7
Tab.1 Theoretical values of flexural capacity
钢材类型 (t/d) /mm fy/(N·mm?2) fu/(N·mm?2) Es/GPa εy/10?6
钢管 12.2 300.6 403.8 203 1481
H型钢翼缘 12.0 298.7 413.6 203 1471
H型钢腹板 8.1 312.6 430.2 202 1548
钢筋 22.0 448.0 615.0 200 2240
钢筋 20.0 458.0 627.0 201 2279
Tab.2 Material properties of steel and reinforcements
Fig.6 Test setup of test specimens
Fig.7 Arrangement of strain measurement points
Fig.8 Crack patterns and failure modes for specimens
Fig.9 Load-displacement hysteretic loops and skeleton curves
Fig.10 Rigidity degradation of specimens
试件 加载方向 Py/kN Δy/mm Pu/kN P0.85/kN Δu/mm μ $\bar \mu$
IJ-1 正向 254.1 27.2 306.9 276.2 57.2 2.1 2.1
负向 ?261.9 ?28.1 ?303.4 ?257.8 ?58.6 2.1
IJ-2 正向 246.6 29.0 302.3 296.8 123.6 4.3 4.2
负向 ?234.6 ?29.1 ?292.6 ?248.7 ?119.8 4.1
Tab.3 Primary performance indexes of specimens
Fig.11 Strain development at steel tube end of column
Fig.12 Strain distribution at longitudinal bars and H-steel flanges of beam
Fig.13 Comparison of energy dissipation capacity of specimens
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