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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2019, Vol. 53 Issue (9): 1637-1646    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2019.09.001
Mechanical Engineering     
Finite element analysis and optimization for static and dynamic characteristics of diesel forklift frame
Shui-guang TONG1(),Jia-zhi MIAO1,Zhe-ming TONG1,*(),Shun HE1,Shu-feng XIANG2,Xiang-hui SHUAI2
1. College of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
2. Hang Fork Group Co. Ltd, Hangzhou 311305, China
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To verify the reliability of the 3-ton diesel forklift frame developed by a high-tech enterprise and to further improve its comprehensive performance, static and dynamic characteristics of the frame were analyzed by finite element method. The situation of forced frame under the critical condition was calculated. The preceding six-order natural frequencies and shapes were obtained by modal analysis. The harmonic response of the frame was analyzed based on the results of modal analysis. Finally, the high damping M2052 alloy gasket was used to optimize the vibration performance of the frame. Results show that the maximum stress of the frame was 141.75 MPa under the critical condition, which was lower than the allowable stress of the frame material. Therefore, the frame has high safety performance. The front-end plate of the frame has a large amplitude near the first order natural frequency. The frame amplitude peak decreased up to 20% by using the high damping M2052 alloy gasket, and its vibration performance is improved obviously.

Key wordsforklift frame      static and dynamic characteristics      finite element analysis (FEA)      high damping M2052 alloy gasket      aseismic performance     
Received: 12 July 2018      Published: 12 September 2019
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Corresponding Authors: Zhe-ming TONG     E-mail:;
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Shui-guang TONG,Jia-zhi MIAO,Zhe-ming TONG,Shun HE,Shu-feng XIANG,Xiang-hui SHUAI. Finite element analysis and optimization for static and dynamic characteristics of diesel forklift frame. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2019, 53(9): 1637-1646.

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为校验某高新企业研发的3 t内燃叉车车架可靠性并进一步改善其综合性能,采用有限元法分析其静动特性.计算车架在临界工况下的受力情况;进行模态分析,得到前6阶固有频率和振型;以模态分析结果为基础对车架进行谐响应分析;利用M2052高阻尼合金垫片对车架振动性能进行优化. 结果表明:车架在临界工况下的最大应力达到141.75 MPa,低于车架材料的许用应力,具有较高安全性;车架前端板在一阶固有频率附近的振幅较大,改用M2052高阻尼合金垫片使其振幅峰值最大下降了20%,振动性能得到了明显改善.

关键词: 叉车车架,  动静特性,  有限元分析,  M2052高阻尼合金垫片,  减震性能 
Fig.1 Diagram of forklift truck frame model before and after simplification
Fig.2 Optimization flow chart of mesh division scheme
选项 设置 选项 设置
尺寸函数 曲率 跨度中心角 中等
相关性中心 细化 最大面尺寸 15.0 mm
平滑度 ? ?
Tab.1 Global mesh division scheme of forklift frame
Fig.3 Mesh division scheme for local structure of forklift frame
Fig.4 Mesh division results of forklift frame
序号 受力来源 m/kg 加载力的类型
A 配重 1 802 集中力
B 发动机 260 远程载荷
C 变速箱 200 远程载荷
D 护顶架 74 远程载荷
E 仪表架 21 集中力
F 机罩 24 远程载荷
G 驾驶员 75 远程载荷
H、I、J、K 倾斜液压缸 ? 集中力
L 车架本身 ? 重力加速度
Tab.2 Working condition of forklift frame
Fig.5 Loads and constraints on forklift frame
Fig.6 Force diagram for forklift mask
Fig.7 Equivalent stress cloud map of forklift frame
Fig.8 Structural error cloud map of forklift frame
Fig.9 Total deformation cloud map of forklift frame
Fig.10 Vibration mode diagram for first six orders of forklift frame
阶数 f /Hz 振型描述
1 29.14 z 轴摆动
2 99.68 y 轴摆动弯曲
3 102.45 局部弯曲和翘曲
4 103.87 局部弯曲
5 112.90 两侧绕 Y 轴弯曲
6 127.61 局部弯曲变形
Tab.3 Natural frequencies and vibration mode description for first six orders of forklift frame
发动机类型 直列3缸 直列4缸 直列6缸
惯性力 一阶 平衡 平衡 平衡
二阶 平衡 不平衡 平衡
惯性力矩 一阶 不平衡 平衡 平衡
二阶 不平衡 平衡 平衡
Tab.5 Inherent balance characteristics of several common engines
参数 数值 单位
缸径×冲程 98×105 mm×mm
活塞排量 3.17 L
气缸数 4 ?
冲程数 4 ?
点火顺序 1-3-4-2 ?
最大扭矩转速 1 000~2 000 r/min
额定转速 2 500 r/min
低怠速转速 700~750 r/min
Tab.4 Main technical parameters of 4D32XG30 Xinchai engine
Fig.11 Balance analysis of reciprocating inertia force of in-line four-cylinder engine
Fig.12 Force transmission in crank and connecting rod mechanism
Fig.13 Time-dependent change of engine overturning moment
Fig.14 Loading position of overturning moment of forklift frame
Fig.15 Acceleration response of frame’s front-end plate when forklift starting at idle condition
Fig.16 Material of frame’s front-end plate and gasket
材料 ρ/(kg·m?3) E/GPa σb/MPa σs/MPa δ/% c
M2052 7.31×103 58±2 638±3 337±6 34±2 0.2
Tab.6 Mechanical property parameters of M2052 alloy
Fig.17 Acceleration response of frame’s front-end plate after gasket material being changed
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