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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2020, Vol. 54 Issue (1): 196-201    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2020.01.023
Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering     
Behaviors of aerosol oil droplets on modified PAN fibrous webs
Ying-ying WEI(),Dong-yue JIANG,Qing-teng FU,Fei GUO*()
School of Energy and Power Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China
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The morphology and evolution of aerosol oil droplets on PAN fibrous webs and modified PAN fibrous webs was analyzed based on the filtration treatment of aerosol suspending oil droplets in the atmosphere. The experimental results show that aerosol oil droplets exhibit different structures and evolution behaviors on fibrous webs with different surface energy. Aerosol oil droplets form axisymmetric structures on PAN fibers and non-axisymmetric structures on modified PAN fibers. Non-axisymmetric structure of aerosol oil droplets on modified PAN fibers switches to axisymmetric structure during the growth of aerosol oil droplets on the fibers. The final structure of aerosol oil droplets on the modified PAN fibers and PAN fibers do not form the liquid film on the fibers, and form large axisymmetric aerosol oil droplets. The pressure drop and the liquid entry pressure of the fibrous membrane were measured. Results show that modified PAN fibrous membrane can prevent aerosol oil droplets from infiltrating compared to original PAN fibrous membranes and have the function of blocking aerosol oil droplets from invading the fibrous membranes.

Key wordselectrospinning      PAN fibrous membrane      surface modification      PM2.5      aerosol oil droplet     
Received: 28 November 2018      Published: 05 January 2020
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Corresponding Authors: Fei GUO     E-mail:;
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Ying-ying WEI,Dong-yue JIANG,Qing-teng FU,Fei GUO. Behaviors of aerosol oil droplets on modified PAN fibrous webs. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2020, 54(1): 196-201.

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针对大气环境中的气溶胶悬浮油滴的过滤式处理,以PAN纤维膜为实验介质,研究气溶胶油滴在PAN纤维膜及改性处理后的PAN纤维膜上的富集规律和演变的行为. 实验结果表明,油滴在不同表面能的纤维上的结构不同. 油滴在PAN纤维上形成轴对称结构,在改性PAN纤维上形成非轴对称结构. 随着油滴在纤维上的富集,改性PAN纤维上的非轴对称油滴逐渐转变为轴对称油滴. 油滴在改性PAN纤维和PAN纤维上的最终形态都不能铺展形成液膜,而是形成轴对称的油滴. 通过测量纤维膜压力降和液体穿透压可以发现,改性PAN纤维膜相比原始PAN纤维膜,能够避免油滴浸润,具有阻隔油滴侵入纤维膜内部的作用.

关键词: 静电纺丝,  PAN纤维膜,  表面改性,  PM2.5,  气溶胶油滴 
U/kV n/
正电 负电
11.5 0.02 +18 ?4 40 20 60±2 0.17±0.02
14 0.02 +19 ?4 40 20 64±2 0.32±0.03
18 0.02 +20 ?4 40 20 64±4 0.58±0.01
Tab.1 Electrospinning processing parameters and fibrous membrane parameters
Fig.1 Schematic diagram of initiated chemical vapor deposition apparatus
Fig.2 Schematic diagram of pressure drop of fibrous membranes testing apparatus
Fig.3 Optical microscope images
Fig.4 Microscopy images of aerosol oil droplets captured by different fibers
Fig.5 Oil droplets images and schematic diagram after long time of aerosol oil droplets capture
Fig.6 Experimental data of pressure drop and liquid entry pressure of fibrous membranes
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