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Mechanical and Energy Engineering     
3D head portrait sculpture by industrial robot based on triangular mesh slicing and collision detection
HE Xue-jun, WANG Jin, LU Guo-dong, LIU Zhen-yu, CHEN Li, JIN Jing
1. State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China; 2. Hangzhou SIASUN Robot and Automation Co. LTD, Hangzhou 311200, China
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Abstract  Firstly, the intersection algorithm was investigated based on triangular mesh model (horizontal slicing, radial slicing, etc.) to obtain surface unevenness in different directions, so as to adjust the tool posture automatically. Secondly, horizontal intersection line and minimal enclosing circle of the model point sets were selected as internal and external borders;layer-cutting tool path was produced through internal border offsetting outward uniformly; offset points which violate boundary constraint were mapped to the enclosing circle. Based on this, tool path for the front model was extracted; a Zigzag route was formed based on the principles that tool path with larger offset index should be processed first and those with the same index should be processed from up to down. A simulation platform was created for SIASUN SR6C type robot in light of graphic engine OpenGL. The generated tool path was simulated before processing; a verification experiment was carried out with plaster. Results show that the tool path generated is possible to avoid collision and the finished part is a well reproduction of the virtual model.

Published: 11 June 2017
CLC:  TH 164  
  TP 391.73  
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HE Xue-jun, WANG Jin, LU Guo-dong, LIU Zhen-yu, CHEN Li, JIN Jing. 3D head portrait sculpture by industrial robot based on triangular mesh slicing and collision detection. JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY (ENGINEERING SCIENCE), 2017, 51(6): 1104-1110.



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