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Characteristics of mass transfer in various aqueous amino acid salt solutions for CO2 capture
ZHOU Xu ping, FANG Meng xiang, XIANG Qun yang, CAI Dan yun, WANG Tao, LUO Zhong yang
State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 310027, China
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Screening test were conducted for CO2 absorption among six potassium amino acid solutions by wetted wall column. Potassium L prolinate, potassium sarcosinate and potassium glycinate were picked out for further studies on mass transfer characteristics. The effects of concentration, CO2 loading, temperature and total pressure on mass transfer properties were analyzed. The liquid phase mass transfer coefficient increases with the increase of temperature and concentration of amino acid salt solutions. The Arrhenius plots between the rate constant and temperature were obtained. Liquid phase mass transfer coefficient decreases when CO2 loading rises. The elevated total pressure shows positive effect on CO2 absorption. The gas phase mass transfer coefficient decreases with the elevated total pressure. The gas phase mass transfer coefficient decreases by 86% from 0.1 MPa to 0.3 MPa.

Published: 01 February 2016
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ZHOU Xu ping, FANG Meng xiang, XIANG Qun yang, CAI Dan yun, WANG Tao, LUO Zhong yang. Characteristics of mass transfer in various aqueous amino acid salt solutions for CO2 capture. JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY (ENGINEERING SCIENCE), 2016, 50(2): 312-319.

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为了研究氨基酸盐吸收剂吸收CO2过程的传质特性,选取6种氨基酸盐吸收剂在湿壁塔反应器上进行CO2吸收试验,筛选出L 脯氨酸钾、甘氨酸钾、肌氨酸钾为吸收剂类型,研究不同吸收剂浓度、CO2负荷、吸收温度、湿壁塔内、总压力对吸收剂吸收CO2过程传质特性的影响.结果表明,吸收剂浓度和温度的升高,能够有效提高吸收剂液相传质系数,得到该3种氨基酸盐吸收剂吸收CO2的反应速率常数与温度的关系式;随着吸收剂负荷的升高,液相传质系数将逐渐降低;而湿壁塔内总压力的升高能够促进CO2的吸收.气相传质系数随着湿壁塔内总压力的升高逐渐降低,总压力为0.3 MPa时气相传质系数较0.1 MPa降低86%.

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