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J4  2011, Vol. 45 Issue (11): 1941-1947    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2011.11.009
浙江大学 流体传动及控制国家重点实验室,浙江 杭州 310027
Structure modeling and simulation of new type of tamping device
LIU Yi, GONG Guo-fang, MIN Chao-qing, LIU Guo-bin
State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and Control, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
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针对国内捣固装置技术长期依赖引进,缺乏自主知识产权,通过对比分析Plasser,Matisa,Harsco 3家公司捣固装置的激振原理和结构特点,提出一种液压激振与夹持运动独立的捣固装置,以克服捣镐振动产生的夹持液压缸的摆动问题,并设计一种新型转阀来提高液压激振系统的频率和流量.通过建立捣固装置的数学模型,采用Matlab/Simulink软件进行研究.分析结果表明,当阀芯旋转频率为10 Hz,阀口轴向面积导通宽度为10 mm,阀芯沟槽的最大周向导通宽度为8 mm时,激振液压缸最大位移为4.2 mm,从而实现捣镐振幅为8.82 mm,激振频率为40 Hz的振动.阀口面积和激振液压缸位移的大小由阀口轴向面积导通宽度决定.当激振频率越大,激振液压缸位移和运动周期越小.


Combined with analyzing the excitation principle and structure characteristics of tamping unit produced by three companies Plasser, Matisa and Harsco, a new tamping device with hydraulic excitation and independent clamping movement was proposed to overcome the strong swing problem of the clamping cylinder generated by tamping bar vibration. A new type of rotary valve is also designed to improve the control of oscillating tamping cylinder. Simulation analysis was carried out by using Matlab/Simulink in terms of the mathematic model established. The results show that the maximum displacement of the oscillating cylinder is 4.2 mm when the spool frequency and the axial area guide width of valve port as well as the maximum radial guided width of the spool groove are set to 10 Hz, 10 mm and 8 mm respectively, thus back and forth vibration with the tamping bar amplitude 8.82 mm and frequency of cylinder 40 Hz can be achieved. The area of the valve port and the displacement of the oscillating cylinder are determined by the axial area guide width of valve port. When the oscillating frequency is bigger, the displacement of the oscillating cylinder and the period of motion are smaller.

出版日期: 2011-12-08
:  U 216.63+1  


通讯作者: 龚国芳,男,教授,博导.     E-mail:
作者简介: 刘毅(1985-),男,博士生,从事新型捣固装置的设计及研究
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刘毅,龚国芳,闵超庆,刘国斌. 新型捣固装置的结构建模与仿真[J]. J4, 2011, 45(11): 1941-1947.

LIU Yi, GONG Guo-fang, MIN Chao-qing, LIU Guo-bin. Structure modeling and simulation of new type of tamping device. J4, 2011, 45(11): 1941-1947.


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