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J4  2009, Vol. 43 Issue (11): 1958-1964    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2009.11.003
Disturbance observer based controller design for electric dynamic load simulator
FANG Qiang1, MA Jie2, BI Yun-bo1, LIU Wei3
(1. Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China;
2. Astronautics School, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, China;
3. Final Assemble Factory, Xian Aircraft Industry (Group) Co. Ltd, Xian 710089, China)
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An electric dynamic load simulator (EDLS) which can reproduce on-ground the aerodynamic hinge moment of control surface is an essential rig for conducting performance and stability tests of aircraft actuation systems. An EDLS driven by permanent magnetic synchronous motor and dual loop control structure based on disturbance observer (DOB) was presented, for increasing its dynamic load bandwidth and precision. The EDLS model was built by mechanism theory, and then the model parameters and the uncertainty weight function were obtained by experiments. Through the equivalence structure transform, DOB based internal-loop controller was designed by the H∞ mixed sensitivity optimization method for restraining the disturbance of the rudders active motion, and the external-loop controller based on the EDLS nominal model was designed for enlarge the torque loading bandwidth. The experiments of the actual system demonstrated that under the maximum loading torque of 50 N?m, the dynamic loading performance of the EDLS could reach 15 Hz, and its static loading precision was less than 0.1 N?m.

Published: 01 November 2009
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FANG Jiang, MA Jie, BI Yun-Bei, et al. Disturbance observer based controller design for electric dynamic load simulator. J4, 2009, 43(11): 1958-1964.

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针对以永磁同步电机作为驱动元件的电动负载模拟器,提出基于扰动观测器的双回路控制系统设计方法.采用机理建模方法,建立负载模拟器数学模型,并通过实验确定系统标称对象模型参数和模型不确定性权函数.以舵机扰动抑制要求为性能权函数,通过控制结构等价变换,采用H∞混合灵敏度方法设计内回路扰动观测器.外回路设计以拓展力矩加载频带为性能权函数设计控制器.对某型电动负载模拟器控制系统的设计和调试结果表明,在最大加载力矩为50 N?m时,电动负载模拟器动态加载平坦段最高频率达到15 Hz,静态加载精度小于0.1 N?m.

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