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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2022, Vol. 56 Issue (3): 462-475    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2022.03.005
Review of CO2 direct air capture adsorbents
Tao WANG(),Hao DONG,Cheng-long HOU,Xin-ru WANG
State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
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The research progress of direct air capture CO2 adsorbents was reviewed. The advantages and disadvantages of alkali/alkaline metal based adsorbents, metal organic framework adsorbents, amine loaded adsorbents and moisture swing adsorbents were compared. Meanwhile, the properties of adsorbents from the aspects of adsorption capacity and amine efficiency, kinetics and supporters, regeneration mode and energy consumption, thermal stability and resistance to degradation were evaluated. Additionally, the related engineering demonstration projects and economic evaluation were briefly discussed. Finally, the problems existing in the current research were summarized, and the future research direction was prospected.

Key wordsdirect air capture      CO2 capture      adsorbents      adsorption capacity      moisture swing adsorption     
Received: 14 July 2021      Published: 29 March 2022
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Fund:  国家自然科学基金资助项目(51676169);浙江省自然科学基金杰青项目(LR19E060002)
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Tao WANG,Hao DONG,Cheng-long HOU,Xin-ru WANG. Review of CO2 direct air capture adsorbents. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2022, 56(3): 462-475.

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综述直接空气捕集CO2吸附剂的研究进展,对比碱/碱土金属基吸附剂、金属有机框架吸附剂、负载胺基吸附剂、变湿吸附剂的优缺点,从吸附容量与胺效率、动力学与载体选择、再生方式与能耗、热稳定性与抗降解等方面对吸附剂性能进行评估. 简要叙述相关工程示范项目和技术经济性;总结研究中存在的问题,展望未来的研究方向.

关键词: 直接空气捕集,  CO2捕集,  吸附剂,  吸附性能,  变湿吸附 
名称 技术类型 技术成熟度 碳减排潜力 /(Gt) c /($·t?1)
生物质能结合碳捕集与封存技术 技术 示范 100~1 170 15~85
直接空气捕集与封存 技术 示范 108~1 000 135~345
强化矿物风化 强化自然过程 基础研究 100~367 50~200
土地管理与生物炭生产 强化自然过程 早期应用 78~1 468 30~120
海洋施肥与碱化 强化自然过程 技术研究 55~1 027
植树造林与再造林 自然过程 早期应用 80~260 5~50
Tab.1 Major negative carbon emission technologies
Fig.1 Theoretical free energy requirements for separating CO2 from air
Fig.2 Porous carrier used to load amine
Fig.3 Schematic of sorbent side mass transfer
Fig.4 Direct air capture process based on temperature-vacuum swing adsorption
Fig.5 Principle of moisture swing adsorption
Fig.6 Reaction path of CO2 moisture swing adsorption
Fig.7 Preparation of quaternary ammonium functionalized mesoporous adsorbents
Fig.8 Capacity comparison of solid adsorption materials for direct air capture
研究机构 地点 年份 规模 循环过程 吸附/吸收剂 捕集量 EDAC/
Carbon Engineering[62] 加拿大 2015 中试试点 TSA 高温溶液吸收(KOH) 1 t/d 10
Carbon Engineering[62] 加拿大 2017 中试试点 TSA 高温溶液吸收(KOH) 捕获的CO2用于生产液体燃料,产量为1桶/d
Carbon Engineering[62] 加拿大 2023 (预计) 商业工厂 TSA 1 Mt/a 35 $/t用于提高石油采收率,
50 $/t用于封存
特温特大学 荷兰 2019 样机 TSA 商业胺基聚合物LewatitVPOC1065 0.004 t/d 2.1~4.5 150~200
Climeworks[63-64] 瑞士 2011 样机 TVSA 氨丙基嫁接NFC 2.47 t/d 92
Climeworks[63-64] 德国 2014 中试试点 TVSA 固体胺 80%捕获的CO2转化合成柴油
Climeworks[63-64] 瑞士 2017 商业装置 TVSA 900 t/a
Oy Hydrocell 芬兰 2018 小试装置 TVSA 氨丙基嫁接NFC 0.003 8 t/d 92
Carbfix 冰岛 2017 商业工厂 TVSA 世界上最大DAC/增强风化耦合系统
Climeworks + Carbfix 冰岛 2022 (预计) 商业工厂 TVSA 4 000 t/a
澳大利亚 2020 样机 TVSA MOF/聚合物纳米复合物涂覆 0.001 t/d 5.76 35~350
Global Thermostat、
美国 2018 商业工厂 S-TSA 胺基蜂窝陶瓷、MOF 10.96 t/d 5.83~7.9 60~190
2020 实验室 S-TVSA 固态胺 2.3~7.6
样机 MSA 阴离子交换树脂 121.3
Tab.2 Direct air capture demonstration projects
Fig.9 Direct air capture demonstration devices or working principle diagram of partial company
Fig.10 Cost comparison of direct air capture
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