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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2022, Vol. 56 Issue (1): 16-25    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2022.01.002
Multi-scale object detection algorithm for recycled objects based on rotating block positioning
Hong-zhao DONG(),Hao-jie FANG,Nan ZHANG
ITS Joint Research Institute, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310014, China
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An improved algorithm MR2-YOLOV5 based on YOLOv5 was proposed aiming at the problem that the traditional target detection algorithm did not consider the diversity of the target shape scale in the actual sorting scene and could not obtain the rotation angle information. Precise rotation angle detection was completed by adding angle prediction branches and introducing angle classification method of ring smooth label (CSL). The target detection layer was added to improve the detection ability of different scales of the model. Transformer attention mechanism was used at the end of the backbone network to give different weights to each channel and strengthen feature extraction. The feature graphs of different levels extracted from the backbone network were input into the BiFPN network structure to conduct multi-scale feature fusion. The experimental results showed that the mean average precision (mAP) of MR2-YOLOV5 on the self-made data set was 90.56%, which was 5.36% higher than that of YOLOv5s with only angle prediction branch. Categories and rotation angles can be recognized for objects such as occlusion, transparent and deformation. The detection time of single frame is 0.02-0.03 s, which meets the performance requirements of target detection algorithm for sorting scenes.

Key wordsdetection of recycled goods      YOLOv5      rotating frame detection      circular smooth label      feature pyramid      attentional mechanism     
Received: 25 November 2021      Published: 05 January 2022
CLC:  TP 391  
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Fund:  国家自然科学基金资助项目(61773347);浙江公益技术研究项目(LGF19F030001)
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Hong-zhao DONG,Hao-jie FANG,Nan ZHANG. Multi-scale object detection algorithm for recycled objects based on rotating block positioning. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2022, 56(1): 16-25.

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针对传统目标检测算法未考虑实际分拣场景目标物形态尺度的多样性,无法获取旋转角度信息的问题,提出基于YOLOv5的改进算法MR2-YOLOv5. 通过添加角度预测分支,引入环形平滑标签(CSL)角度分类方法,完成旋转角度精准检测. 增加目标检测层用于提升模型不同尺度检测能力,在主干网络末端利用Transformer注意力机制对各通道赋予不同的权重,强化特征提取. 利用主干网络提取到的不同层次特征图输入BiFPN网络结构中,开展多尺度特征融合. 实验结果表明,MR2-YOLOv5在自制数据集上的均值平均精度(mAP)为90.56%,较仅添加角度预测分支的YOLOv5s基础网络提升5.36%;对于遮挡、透明、变形等目标物,均可以识别类别和旋转角度,图像单帧检测时间为0.02~0.03 s,满足分拣场景对目标检测算法的性能需求.

关键词: 再生物品检测,  YOLOv5,  旋转框检测,  环形平滑标签,  特征金字塔,  注意力机制 
Fig.1 MR2-YOLOv5 network structure
Fig.2 MR2-YOLOv5 structure of each module
Fig.3 CSL schematic diagram
Fig.4 Angle definition diagram
Fig.5 Rotation frame annotation schematic diagram (dot is starting point of annotation)
Fig.6 Data set label statistics and distribution
Fig.7 Input image after Mosaic data enhancement method
模型 mAP/%
r = 0 r = 2 r = 4 r = 6 r = 8
YOLOv5s 68.79 82.47 84.20 81.20 79.94
Tab.1 Comparison of detection performance under different window radii
多尺度融合网络 mAP/% M/106
FPN 81.05 6.52
PANet 84.20 7.55
BiFPN 85.36 7.83
Tab.2 Performance comparison of multi-scale feature fusion network
角度预测分支(CSL) 检测层 Transformer 融合网络 M/106 FLOPs/109 AP mAP/%
Cs Gb Pb
? 3 ? PANet 7.28 17.1 91.7 90.1 85.4 89.05
? 4 ? PANet 8.17 28.2 94.5 92.4 87.6 91.34
? 4 PANet 8.17 28.0 95.4 94.1 90.2 93.23
? 4 BiFPN 9.25 29.6 95.2 94.7 93.4 94.46
3 ? PANet 7.55 18.0 90.5 82.5 79.1 85.20
4 ? PANet 8.73 33.4 92.1 85.3 82.2 86.53
4 PANet 9.91 32.6 93.8 87.5 83.9 88.44
4 BiFPN 10.99 34.2 96.5 91.2 84.2 90.56
Tab.3 Ablation experiment based on YOLOv5s model
Fig.8 Training curves of each model(without angle prediction branch)
Fig.9 Training curves of each model(including angle prediction branch)
Fig.10 Angle loss curves of each model validation set
Fig.11 Detection effects of different scales
Fig.12 Detection effect under occlusion of multiple objects
Fig.13 Detection effect under high target transparency
Fig.14 Detection effect in case of deformation of target
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