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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2021, Vol. 55 Issue (5): 843-854    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2021.05.005
Aircraft final assembly line modeling based on digital twin
Shou-guo ZHENG1(),Yong-de ZHANG2,Wen-tian XIE1,Hu FAN2,Qing WANG1,*()
1. Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Zhejiang Province, College of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
2. Xi’an Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd, Xi’an 710089, China
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The components of the aircraft assembly line and the business logic were analyzed, and a digital twin based modeling framework for the aircraft assembly line was proposed, in order to realize the real-time interaction and deep integration of physical space and information space in the final assembly line of aircraft manufacturers. The modeling and the implementation of the key elements of assembly line were elaborated from the six-dimensional perspective of “human, machine, material, method, environment, and measurement”. Correspondingly, the technical process of the three-dimensional visualization and the information integration platform of the aircraft assembly line was proposed. A three-dimensional digital model of the workshop was established in CATIA. Then, a virtual space was built up based on the browser-based framework and WebGL technology and the real-time mapping of physical entities to virtual space was achieved by collecting process data from the shop-floor. An aircraft final assembly line was taken as an example, the synchronous mapping between the assembly workshop and virtual visualization, webServices service and information query service were realized, which improves the assembly efficiency and can provide scientific references for manual decision.

Key wordsaircraft final assembly      cyber-physical fusion      digital twin technology      WebGL      virtual-real mapping     
Received: 13 August 2020      Published: 10 June 2021
CLC:  TP 391  
Fund:  国家重点研发计划资助项目(2019YFB1707501);国家自然科学基金资助项目(51975520)
Corresponding Authors: Qing WANG     E-mail:;
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Shou-guo ZHENG,Yong-de ZHANG,Wen-tian XIE,Hu FAN,Qing WANG. Aircraft final assembly line modeling based on digital twin. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2021, 55(5): 843-854.

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为了实现飞机制造企业总装生产线车间物理空间与信息空间的实时交互与深度融合,通过分析飞机总装生产线组成单元与生产业务逻辑,提出基于数字孪生的飞机总装生产线车间建模框架. 从“人、机、料、法、环、测”六维视角出发,阐述生产线关键要素建模与实现,并提出飞机总装生产线三维可视化及信息集成平台实现技术流程. 在CATIA中建立车间三维数字模型,基于浏览器和WebGL技术建立虚拟空间,通过采集生产现场过程数据实现物理实体向虚拟空间的实时映射. 以某型飞机总装生产线车间为例,实现总装现场与虚拟可视化的同步映射、WebServices服务、信息查询服务及装配工艺过程查询服务,有效提高作业效率并为工作人员决策提供科学参考.

关键词: 飞机总装生产线,  信息物理融合,  数字孪生技术,  WebGL,  虚实映射 
Fig.1 Logic diagram of aircraft assembly line business
Fig.2 Modeling framework of aircraft assembly line based on digital twin
Fig.3 Relationship of six elements
Fig.4 Network topology of element information collect
Fig.5 Flowchart of database operation
Fig.6 Technical flow chart of 3D visualization and information integration platform for aircraft assembly production line
Fig.7 Three-dimensional scene display of aircraft assembly line
装配阶段 装配对象
机身进站 吊装人员就位 机身数控定位器组运动到工作配置位置,
机身进站AO 机身部件初定位
机翼吊装 吊装人员就位 机翼数控定位器组运动到工作配置位置 机翼吊装AO 机翼部件初定位
机身调姿 测量调姿人员就位 机身数控定位器组协调运动 机身调姿AO 测量机身检测点 机身部件精定位
机翼调姿 测量调姿人员就位 机翼数控定位器组协调运动 机翼调姿AO 测量机翼检测点 机翼部件精定位
翼身对接 对接人员就位 机翼数控定位同步升降运动,伸缩平台均伸出 翼身对接AO 测量水平测量点 机身机翼大十字对接,形成整机
Tab.1 Assembly environment requirements and state changes of assembly objects in different assembly stages
Fig.8 Interface of files operation for MES system
Fig.9 Interface of files operation for field device
Fig.10 Realtime data of FP1
Fig.11 History data of FP1
Fig.12 Fault information inquiry of FP1
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