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浙江大学学报(工学版)  2019, Vol. 53 Issue (12): 2431-2436    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2019.12.022
南京邮电大学 电子与光学工程学院,微电子学院,江苏 南京 210023
Design of compact substrate integrated waveguide filter based on composite right/left-handed structure
Shan-wen HU(),Yun-qing HU,Hai-yu ZHEN,Wei-guang ZHU,Yi-ting GAO
College of Electronic and Optical Engineering and College of Microelectronics, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing 210023, China
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为了降低滤波器尺寸以适应sub-6 GHz小型化便携式通信设备的要求,提出一种新型锯齿形的叉指电容复合左右手结构,从而提升传统矩形叉指复合左右手结构的耦合电容。相比于传统结构,该新型结构增大了叉指电容值,降低了谐振频率,减小了滤波器的尺寸,可为sub-6 GHz无线通信系统提供工作频段仅为3.3~3.5 GHz的微型滤波器。为了进一步验证新型滤波器的设计理论和性能,设计、加工一款基于该结构的微型化基片集成波导(SIW)滤波器。测试结果表明:改进型结构滤波器的中心频率为3.35 GHz,工作带宽为200 MHz,插入损耗为2.4 dB,滤波器尺寸仅为10.0 mm×7.4 mm;相较于传统复合左右手结构滤波器(中心频率为6.8 GHz),该滤波器的中心频率降低了50%。新型锯齿形叉指复合左右手结构能有效降低射频滤波器的工作频率,减小滤波器尺寸,适用于工作在6 GHz以下频段的微型滤波器设计。

关键词: 叉指结构复合左右手结构基片集成波导微型滤波器射频滤波器    

A novel composite right/left-handed (CRLH) structure with zigzag interdigital capacitor structure was proposed to improve the coupling capacity of conventional rectangular CRLH structure, in order to minimize the filter size to meet the requirement of sub-6 GHz compact portable communication devices. Compared with the conventional CRLH structure, the proposed zigzag interdigital CRLH structure can increase the capacitance of interdigital capacitor, reduce the resonant frequency and miniaturize the filter size, which makes it possible for sub-6 GHz wireless communication system to have a compact filter with working frequency band of 3.3 to 3.5 GHz. A SIW filter based on zigzag interdigital CRLH structure was fabricated and tested, to further demonstrate the designed theory and performance of the structure. Results show that the proposed filter works at the center frequency of 3.35 GHz with bandwidth of 200 MHz; and the insertion loss is 2.4 dB, and the filter size is only 10.0 mm × 7.4 mm. The proposed filter reduced center frequency by 50%, compared with the filter using the traditional CRLH structure (the center frequency is 6.8 GHz). The novel zigzag interdigital CRLH structure can effectively reduce the resonant frequency and the filter size, which is suitable for the design of compact filters for sub-6 GHz wireless communication system.

Key words: interdigital structure    composite right/left-handed (CRLH) structure    substrate integrated waveguide    miniaturized filter    radio frequency filter
收稿日期: 2019-05-29 出版日期: 2019-12-17
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基金资助: 国家自然科学基金资助项目(61501261,61504061);中国博士后基金资助项目(2017M621793)
作者简介: 胡善文(1985—),男,讲师,从事射频与微波电路的研究和设计. E-mail:
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胡善文,胡云清,郑海宇,朱伟光,高懿婷. 采用复合左右手结构的微型基片集成波导滤波器设计[J]. 浙江大学学报(工学版), 2019, 53(12): 2431-2436.

Shan-wen HU,Yun-qing HU,Hai-yu ZHEN,Wei-guang ZHU,Yi-ting GAO. Design of compact substrate integrated waveguide filter based on composite right/left-handed structure. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2019, 53(12): 2431-2436.


图 1  传统复合左右手(CRLH)结构示意图
图 2  CRLH结构单元无损等效电路
图 3  新型CRLH结构滤波器结构示意图
图 4  新型CRLH结构滤波器等效电路图
图 5  传统结构和改进结构叉指长度对电容的影响
图 6  滤波器加工实物图
图 7  改进型CRLH结构滤波器仿真测试结果对比
图 8  相同尺寸下传统CRLH结构滤波器性能
方法 f0 / GHz LI / dB WB / MHz S/mm2
文献[23] 6.8 3 300 10×6.2
文献[24] 3/6/9 3/2.7/3.1 150/500/300 40×25
文献[25] 7.3 2.2 50 16.5×13.2
文献[26] 5 1.8 380 20.3×8.6
文献[27] 5.7/7.6 5/4 100/100 16.7×12
本研究 3.35 2.4 200 10×7.4
表 1  不同CRLH结构滤波器性能对比
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