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Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science)  2020, Vol. 54 Issue (1): 189-195    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2020.01.022
Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering     
Ex vivo estimation of temperature combined with pyroelectric effect and ultrasound attenuation
Yin-fei ZHENG(),Yong-gui QIN,Ji-ye AN,Wen-xin FU
Key Laboratory for Biomedical Engineering of Ministry of Education, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
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An ultrasonic temperature measurement method combining pyroelectric sensor and temperature-dependent attenuation coefficient was proposed aiming at the influence of the change of ultrasonic signal direction on ultrasonic temperature measurement caused by inhomogeneous medium. A temperature measurement model consisting of ultrasound, test object and pyroelectric sensor was constructed and demonstrated. A sensor with high sound absorption characteristics was designed and fabricated in order to evaluate its response to the ultrasonic signal. Results showed that the output voltage of the sensor was proportional to the reached ultrasonic power. The power sensitivity was 3.117 mV/W, and the measurement error was less than 2.5%. The accuracy of the temperature measurement method was evaluated by estimating the temperature of the pork. The correlation between the sensor output signal time domain energy and the tissue temperature was 0.975 5. The estimated temperature value of the method was basically the same as that of the thermocouple, and the estimated error was less than 3.95 °C. The experimental results show that the pyroelectric sensor and ultrasound can measure the temperature change of the tissue.

Key wordsultrasound thermometry      pyroelectric effect      attenuation coefficient     
Received: 30 March 2019      Published: 05 January 2020
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Yin-fei ZHENG,Yong-gui QIN,Ji-ye AN,Wen-xin FU. Ex vivo estimation of temperature combined with pyroelectric effect and ultrasound attenuation. Journal of ZheJiang University (Engineering Science), 2020, 54(1): 189-195.

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针对不规则介质引起的超声信号方向改变对超声测温的影响,提出结合热释电传感器和衰减系数温变性的超声测温方法. 构建并论证由超声、待测体和热释电传感器组成的测温模型. 设计制作具有高吸声特性的传感器,评价该传感器的超声信号的响应性能. 结果显示,传感器的输出电压与到达的超声功率成正比,功率灵敏度为3.117 mV/W,测量误差小于2.5%. 通过估计离体猪肉组织温度验证测温方法的准确性,传感器的输出信号时域能量与组织温度的相关性达到0.975 5,该方法估计的温度与热电偶测量值基本一致,估计误差小于3.95 °C. 实验结果表明,利用热释电传感器与超声能够测量出组织的温度的变化.

关键词: 超声测温,  热释电传感器,  衰减系数 
Fig.1 Ultrasonic temperature measurement
Fig.2 Ultrasonic incident sensor
Fig.3 Effect of infinitesimal circular heat source on film-backing interface
Fig.4 Equivalent circuit diagram of pyroelectric sensor
Fig.5 Eyroelectric sensor structure
参数 数值
Ds/mm 15
dPVDF/μm 50
pc/(μC·K?1 ·m?2 40
αPVDF/(dB·cm?1 9.4
α/(dB·cm?1 64
ρ2/(kg·m?3 1 910
c2/(m·s?1 1 000
κ/(W·m?1 ·K?1 0.334
C/nF 12.7
Tab.1 Pyroelectric sensor parameters
Fig.6 Temperature measurement experiment
Fig.7 Pyroelectric signal when transducer is driven at 7 W
Fig.8 Sensor output signal for 5 times under the same conditions
Fig.9 Sensor output signal when ultrasonic irradiation time is 2,4,6,8 s
Fig.10 Signal peaks of sensor output at 5 different driving powers
Fig.11 Relationship between sensor signal energy and tissue temperature
Fig.12 Estimated temperature and thermocouple measurements
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