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Chemical Engineering     
Extraction of N, N Dimethylacetamide by complex extractants
XU Li fang, WANG Cheng xi, LI Hai feng
College of Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
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Extraction of N,N dimethylacetamide in low concentration of aqueous solutions by complex extractants was suggested in order to improve extraction efficiencies. The complex extractants are made of dichloromethane as main extractant and 2 sec butylphenol or o chlorophenol as co extractant. Distribution coefficients and recovery fractions were measured in a single stage extraction apparatus with volume fractions 0~35% of 2 sec butylphenol or o chlorophenol in the complex extractants. Concentrations of N,N dimethylacetamide in both extract and raffinate were calculated by UNIFAC model. Results show that the co extractants can improve separation effect and the predicted data obtained by the model roughly accord with experiments. The extraction efficiency using 2 sec butylphenol as co extractant is almost the same as that of using o chlorophenol in low fractions of co extractant. When the volume fractions of co extractant are more than 15%, it is better using 2 sec butylphenol than o chlorophenol.

Published: 01 February 2016
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XU Li fang, WANG Cheng xi, LI Hai feng. Extraction of N, N Dimethylacetamide by complex extractants. JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY (ENGINEERING SCIENCE), 2016, 50(2): 347-352.

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复合溶剂萃取N,N 二甲基乙酰胺

为了提高低浓度N,N 二甲基乙酰胺水溶液中溶质的萃取效率,提出以二氯甲烷为主萃取剂,邻仲丁基苯酚或邻氯苯酚为助萃剂组成复合溶剂进行萃取分离的方法.在单级萃取装置内,分别测定复合溶剂中邻仲丁基苯酚或邻氯苯酚体积分数为0~35%时的分配系数和萃取率,并用UNIFAC模型对萃取相和萃余相中N,N 二甲基乙酰胺的摩尔分数进行预测.结果表明,助萃剂的加入均能显著提高萃取效果,实测数据与模型计算结果基本吻合.当助萃剂含量小于15%时,2种复合溶剂的萃取效果基本相当,当助萃剂的含量大于15%时,助萃剂邻仲丁基苯酚的萃取效果更优.

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