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J4  2011, Vol. 45 Issue (5): 789-793    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2011.05.001
谢川, 张靖, 王智强, 陈国柱
浙江大学 应用电子系 浙江 杭州 310027
Digital PLL with fixed number of sampling points for repetitive
control algorithm
XIE Chuan, ZHANG Jing, WANG Zhi-qiang, CHEN Guo-zhu
College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
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To deal with the synchronization issue of a repetitive controlled active power filter (APF), a novel digital phase locked loop (PLL) strategy with fixed number of sampling points per cycle is present, which based on synchronous rotating frame phase detection (SRFPD) and PI controller. The mathematic model is developed in z-domain and proved to be a second-order one. By using zero-pole-placement method, control parameters are designed. This PLL guarantees the number of sampling points per fundamental period fixed theoretically and consequently meets with the requirement of sampling in repetitive control. Experimental results verify that the proposed PLL has good robustness and fast response even under distorted and/or unbalanced conditions; and corresponding APF bears high compensation precision.

出版日期: 2011-11-24
:  TN 712  


通讯作者: 陈国柱,男,教授,博导.     E-mail:
作者简介: 谢川(1984-), 男, 四川成都人, 博士生,从事有源电力滤波技术和DSP数字控制技术研究.E-mail:;
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谢川, 张靖, 王智强, 陈国柱. 适于重复控制固定采样点数的数字锁相方法[J]. J4, 2011, 45(5): 789-793.

XIE Chuan, ZHANG Jing, WANG Zhi-qiang, CHEN Guo-zhu. Digital PLL with fixed number of sampling points for repetitive
control algorithm. J4, 2011, 45(5): 789-793.


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