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李孟涵1, 张强1, 李国祥1, 邵思东2
1. 山东大学 能源与动力工程学院,山东 济南 250061;2. 潍柴控股集团有限公司,山东 潍坊 261001
HC emissions of high pressure DI diesel pilot ignited natural gas engine
LI Meng han1, ZHANG Qiang1, LI  Guo xiang1, SHAO Si dong2
1. School of Energy and Power Engineering,Shandong University,Jinan 250061,China;2. Weichai Holding Group Limited Company, Weifang 261001, China
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Experiments and measurements were conducted on an electrically controlled supercharged direct injection(DI) natural gas engine at different operating conditions in order to investigate the characteristics and influencing factors of hydrocarbon(HC) emissions. Three sets of contrast experiments were designed to analyze the effects of engine speed, engine load, injection pressure as well as injection timing on HC formation. HC emissions together with indicator diagrams were collected during the experiments as the analysis of hydrocarbon emission characteristics should be combined with the analysis of combustion parameters. Results indicate that the adoption of over high or over low injection pressure leads to increased hydrocarbon emissions. At relatively retarded injection timings, HC emissions increase with the increase of engine speed while HC emissions of low engine speed are higher than that of medium and high engine speeds at relatively advanced injection timings. At medium and high engine speeds, HC emissions reduce with the advance of injection timing. At low engine speed, HC emissions slightly increase with the advance of injection timing. HC emissions are significantly higher at low engine load and decrease with the advance of injection timing at low and medium engine loads. At high engine load, HC emissions tend to be insensitive to injection timing.
出版日期: 2016-02-01
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通讯作者: 李国祥,男,教授. ORCID:0000 0002 5515 1717.     E-mail:
作者简介: 李孟涵(1990—),女,博士生,从事内燃机燃烧过程及排放控制方面研究. ORCID:0000 0001 9758 7001. E-mail:
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李孟涵,张强, 李国祥, 邵思东. 高压直喷天然气发动机HC排放[J]. 浙江大学学报(工学版), 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2016.02.020.

LI Meng han, ZHANG Qiang, LI Guo xiang, SHAO Si dong. HC emissions of high pressure DI diesel pilot ignited natural gas engine. JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY (ENGINEERING SCIENCE), 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2016.02.020.


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