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J4  2013, Vol. 47 Issue (2): 319-324    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2013.02.020
蔡俊, 张舟永, 凌国平
浙江大学 材料科学与工程学系 浙江 杭州 310027
Preparation of self-healing α-Al2O3 film on rapid quenching
Al-Cr alloy by thermal oxidation at low temperature
CAI Jun, ZHANG Zhou-yong, LING Guo-ping
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
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为了在750 ℃下制备自修复α-Al2O3薄膜,对Cr质量分数为8 %和18 %的急冷Al-Cr合金在大气气氛中670~720  ℃下进行氧化,并采用X射线衍射(XRD)、扫描电镜(SEM)、透射电镜(TEM)和能谱分析(EDS)对氧化膜进行分析.结果表明,Cr质量分数为8 %的急冷Al-Cr合金主要由Cr固溶于Al的单相组织构成,质量分数为18 %的急冷Al-Cr合金则为Al上分布Al45Cr7的双相组织.急冷Al-Cr合金可以在720  ℃的低温下通过氧化制备出薄且致密的α-Al2O3膜,合金的基体组织对氧化结果无明显影响,但Cr质量分数较高时,α-Al2O3膜中固溶有少量的Cr.此外,XRD检测结果表明,试样的表面粗糙度有利于获得α-Al2O3.


To prepare self-healing α-Al2O3 film below 750  ℃, the oxidation of rapid quenching Al-Cr alloy with Cr contents of 8 % and 18 % at 670~720  ℃ in air was studied. The oxide film was analyzed by XRD, SEM, TEM and EDS. The results show that the w(Cr)=8 % sample is one-phase solid solution of Cr in Al, while the w(Cr)=18 % sample is constituted of Al and Al45Cr7 phases. A compact α-Al2O3 film is prepared at 720  ℃ by the oxidation of Al-Cr alloy and, the rapid quenching alloy substrate has no obvious influence on the morphologies and phase constitutions of the oxide films. A few Cr is found in the α-Al2O3 film when the Cr content is larger. Moreover, XRD result shows that coarse surface facilitates the formation of the α-Al2O3.

出版日期: 2013-02-01
:  TG 166.3  
通讯作者: 凌国平,男,教授,博导.     E-mail:
作者简介: 蔡俊(1986—),博士生,主要从事低温热氧化αAl2O3的制备.E-mail:
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蔡俊, 张舟永, 凌国平. 急冷Al-Cr合金低温氧化制备自修复α-Al2O3薄膜[J]. J4, 2013, 47(2): 319-324.

CAI Jun, ZHANG Zhou-yong, LING Guo-ping. Preparation of self-healing α-Al2O3 film on rapid quenching
Al-Cr alloy by thermal oxidation at low temperature. J4, 2013, 47(2): 319-324.


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