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J4  2012, Vol. 46 Issue (5): 912-917    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2012.05.022
孟捷1 ,刘华锋1 ,岳茂雄2 ,胡红杰3
1.浙江大学 现代光学仪器国家重点实验室,浙江 杭州 310027;2.中国空气动力研究与发展中心四所,四川 绵阳 621000;
3. 浙江大学 医学院附属邵逸夫医院放射科, 浙江 杭州 310016
Biomechanical model guided dual estimation of myocardial
motion and material parameters
MENG Jie1,LIU Hua-feng1,YUE Mao-xiong2,HU Hong-jie3
1.State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China;
2. China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, Mianyang 621000, China;
3. The Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital,Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310016, China
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The majority of traditional estimation techniques based on medical images deal with cardiac motion analysis and material parameters estimation separately without consideration of the underlying close connection. And in order  to improve the slow convergence of Kalman filter (KF) joint estimation method caused by the computation of cross covariance between parameter and state, a dual estimation framework relying on KF/EKF(extended KF) was proposed. A finite element method was employed to represent the computation domain and then a coupled biomechanical-model constrained state-space framework, one for the motion and the other for the material parameter, was formulated. It first generated estimates of heart kinematics with suboptimal material parameter estimates with KF, and then recovered the elasticity property given these kinematic state estimates based on EKF technique. Finally, the coupled filters would estimate motion and material properties simultaneously. The improved accuracy and fast convergence performance of the proposed strategy is demonstrated with synthetic data of varying noises.

出版日期: 2012-05-01
:  TP 301  

 国家“973”重点基础研究发展规划资助项目(2010CB732504); 国家自然基金资助项目(60872068); 浙江省科技计划资助项目(2010C33026) .

通讯作者: 刘华锋,男,教授.     E-mail:
作者简介: 孟捷(1986-),男,硕士生,从事心脏医学图像处理研究
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孟捷 ,刘华锋 ,岳茂雄 ,胡红杰. 生物力学模型导引的心肌运动与材料参数对偶估计[J]. J4, 2012, 46(5): 912-917.

MENG Jie,LIU Hua-feng,YUE Mao-xiong,HU Hong-jie. Biomechanical model guided dual estimation of myocardial
motion and material parameters. J4, 2012, 46(5): 912-917.


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