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J4  2010, Vol. 44 Issue (9): 1730-1737    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2010.09.017
朱梦尧, 李东晓, 张明
1. 浙江大学 信息与电子工程学系, 浙江 杭州 310027; 2.上海大学 通信与信息工程学院, 上海 200072
Filtering optimization in MDCT domain base on spectrum character of HRTF
ZHU Meng-yao1,2, LI Dong-xiao1, ZHANG Ming1
1.Department of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China;
2.School of Communication and Information Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China
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 An efficient filtering algorithm of multichannel virtual surround processing in modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) was proposed. The MDCT filter bank can be represented in a polyphase structure and further derived to a high order matrix representation. By using the property of sparse matrix representation and the large dynamic range of headrelated transfer function (HRTF), an adaptive neighborhood algorithm was presented for fast filtering with HRTF in the MDCT domain. The width of a neighborhood can be adjusted according to the spectrum of HRTF in MDCT domain. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm greatly reduced the implementation cost, and maintained same filtering quality. In order to compare with different multichannel virtual surround processing methods, a subjective listening test was conducted. The listening results reveal that the proposed approach can achieve basically same subjective quality as the traditional filtering methods. The complexity analysis of the virtual surround processing methods indicates that the proposed filtering algorithm of HRTF consumes minimal calculation, which is particularly suitable for audio compressed in MDCT format.

出版日期: 2010-09-01
:  TN 912  

国家自然科学基金资助项目(60802013, 60872115, 60873130, 61001161); 上海大学创新基金资助项目(A10-0107-09-006); 上海市教委“电路与系统”重点学科建设资助项目(J50104).

通讯作者: 李东晓, 男, 副教授.     E-mail:
作者简介: 朱梦尧(1982-), 男, 陕西西安人, 讲师, 从事多媒体信号处理与集成电路设计的研究. E-mail:
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朱梦尧, 李东晓, 张明. 基于HRTF频谱特征优化MDCT域滤波[J]. J4, 2010, 44(9): 1730-1737.

SHU Meng-Yao, LI Dong-Xiao, ZHANG Meng. Filtering optimization in MDCT domain base on spectrum character of HRTF. J4, 2010, 44(9): 1730-1737.


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