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浙江大学  能源清洁利用国家重点实验室, 浙江 杭州 310027
Lean combustion of moderate/low calorific premixed gases in two layer porous burner
HUANG Ran sisi,CHENG Le ming,QIU Kun zan,DUAN Yi,LUO Zhong yang
State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
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为了研究中、低热值预混气体在双层多孔介质中的贫燃特性,搭建双层多孔介质燃烧实验系统,得到高炉煤气、生物质气化气、垃圾填埋气在不同当量比(060~075)工况下的温度分布、稳燃极限以及污染物排放特性.结果显示,随着燃气流速的增大,火焰稳定位置向下游移动.在实验当量比范围内,高炉煤气的最大稳燃上限为24 cm/s,生物质气化气的最大稳燃上限为50 cm/s,垃圾填埋气的稳燃范围为14~30 cm/s.结果表明:中、低热值气体的稳燃极限受其热值与成分的影响.高炉煤气的CO排放量最高为303 mg/m3,垃圾填埋气在各个工况下的CO排放量均低于15 mg/m3,3种预混气体在双层多孔介质中的NOx排放量均低于10-6.


An experimental system with a twolayer porous burner was developed to investigate lean combustion behaviors of moderate/low calorific premixed gases. Temperature profiles, stability limits and pollutant emissions of blast furnace gas, biogas gasified gas and landfill gas at varied equivalence ratios from 060 to 075 were presented. Results showed that the location of stabilized flame moved downward as the inlet velocity increases. For all equivalence ratios in the experiment, the maximum of upper stability limits for blast furnace gas was 24 cm/s, while that for biomass gasified gas was 50 cm/s. Landfill gas was able to stabilize between 14 cm/s and 30 cm/s. The results indicate that the stability limits are influenced by the heating values and the compositions of gas fuels. In terms of pollutant emissions, the maximum carbon monoxide (CO) emissions of blast furnace gas reached 303 mg/m3, while for landfill gas, the CO emissions were less than 15 mg/m3 for all the operating conditions. Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of the three types of premixed gases were below 1 ppm.

出版日期: 2015-10-15
:  TQ 038.167  
通讯作者: 邱坤赞,男,副教授. ORCID: 0000000309782697     E-mail:
作者简介: 黄冉思思(1990-),女,硕士生,从事多孔介质气体燃烧研究. ORCID: 000000019648529X.E-mail:
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黄冉思思,程乐鸣,邱坤赞,段毅,骆仲泱. 中、低热值预混气体在双层多孔介质中的贫燃特性[J]. 浙江大学学报(工学版), 10.3785/j.issn.1008 973X.2015.09.023.

HUANG Ran sisi,CHENG Le ming,QIU Kun zan,DUAN Yi,LUO Zhong yang. Lean combustion of moderate/low calorific premixed gases in two layer porous burner. JOURNAL OF ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY (ENGINEERING SCIENCE), 10.3785/j.issn.1008 973X.2015.09.023.

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