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Vis Inf  2018, Vol. 2 Issue (2): 111-124    DOI: 10.1016/j.visinf.2018.02.001
Maha El Meseery; Orland Hoeber
University of Regina,Canada
Geo-Coordinated Parallel Coordinates (GCPC): Field trial studies of environmental data analysis
Maha El Meseery; Orland Hoeber
University of Regina,Canada
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摘要: 背景:近年来面临的大量环境问题促使研究人员去收集大量数据并加以研究,以便深入了解人与所居住环境之间的复杂关系。这些数据集通常是高维和异构的,呈现出复杂的地理空间关系。开展对此类数据的分析具有挑战性,尤其是在需要将所研究的非空间属性与它们所在空间关联起来的情形下。 



关键词: 地理可视分析异构数据可视化高维数据可视化实地试验评估     
The large number of environmental problems faced by society in recent years has driven researchers to collect and study massive amounts of data in order to understand the complex relations that exist between people and the environment in which we live. Such datasets are often high dimensional and heterogeneous in nature, with complex geospatial relations. Analysing such data can be challenging, especially when there is a need to maintain spatial awareness as the non-spatial attributes are studied. Geo-Coordinated Parallel Coordinates (GCPC) is a geovisual analytics approach designed to support exploration and analysis within complex geospatial environmental data. Parallel coordinates are tightly coupled with a geospatial representation and an investigative scatterplot, all of which can be used to show, reorganize, filter, and highlight the high dimensional, heterogeneous, and geospatial aspects of the data. Two sets of field trials were conducted with expert data analysts to validate the real-world benefits of the approach for studying environmental data. The results of these evaluations were positive, providing real-world evidence and new insights regarding the value of using GCPC to explore among environmental datasets when there is a need to remain aware of the geospatial aspects of the data as the non-spatial elements are studied.
Key words: Geovisual analytics    Heterogeneous data visualization    High dimensional data visualization    Field trial evaluations
出版日期: 2018-07-16
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Maha El Meseery
Orland Hoeber


Maha El Meseery, Orland Hoeber. Geo-Coordinated Parallel Coordinates (GCPC): Field trial studies of environmental data analysis . Vis Inf, 2018, 2(2): 111-124.


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