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J Zhejiang Univ (Med Sci)  2017, Vol. 46 Issue (1): 22-29    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-9292.2017.02.04
Temporal lobe epilepsy and adult hippocampal neurogenesis
CHEN Liying(),WANG Yi,CHEN Zhong()
College of Pharmacy, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, China
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Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is a common and severe neurological disorder which is often intractable. It can not only damage the normal structure and function of hippocampus, but also affect the neurogenesis in dentate gyrus (DG). It is well documented from researches on the animal models of TLE that after a latent period of several days, prolonged seizure activity leads to a dramatic increase in mitotic activity in the hippocampal DG. However, cell proliferation returns to baseline levels within 3-4 weeks after status epilepticus (SE). Meanwhile, there are two major abnormalities of DG neurogenesis, including the formation of hilar basal dendrites and the ectopic migration of newborn granule cells into the polymorphic cell layer, which may affect epileptogenesis and seizure onset. However, the specific contribution of these abnormalities to seizures is still unknown. In other words, whether they are anti-epileptic or pro-epileptic is still under heated discussion. This article systematically reviews current knowledge on neurogenesis and epilepsy based on the results of studies in recent years and discusses the possible roles of neurogenesis in epileptogenesis and pathologic mechanisms, so as to provide information for the potential application of neurogenesis as a new clinical therapeutic target for temporal lobe epilepsy.

Key wordsEpilepsy, temporal lobe/physiopathology      Dentate gyrus/pathology      Dentate gyrus/pathology/anatomy&histology      Status epilepticus      Neurons      Nerve regeneration      Disease models, animal      Review     
Received: 02 October 2016      Published: 07 July 2017
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Corresponding Authors: CHEN Zhong     E-mail:;
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CHEN Liying,WANG Yi,CHEN Zhong. Temporal lobe epilepsy and adult hippocampal neurogenesis. J Zhejiang Univ (Med Sci), 2017, 46(1): 22-29.

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Fig 1 Normal adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus and aberrant integration of adult-born neurons after status epilepticus
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