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J Zhejiang Univ (Med Sci)  2017, Vol. 46 Issue (1): 7-14    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-9292.2017.02.02
Effects of crocin on hippocampus rapid kindling epilepsy in mice
WANG Xiting1(),TANG Oufeng1,YE Yilu1,ZHENG Mingzhi1,HU Jue1,CHEN Zhong2,ZHONG Kai1,*()
(1) Department of Basic Medical Science, Hangzhou Medicine College, Hangzhou 310053, China
(2) Department of Pharmacology, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, China
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Abstract  Objective

To investigate the effect of crocin on the progression and generalized seizure of temporal lobe epilepsy in mice.


Hippocampus rapid kindling model was established in C57BL/6J mice. The effects of crocin on seizure stage, afterdischarge duration (ADD), number of stimulation in each stage and final state, the incidence of generalized seizure (GS), average seizure stage and ADD were observed.


Crocin (20 mg/kg) significantly retarded behavioral seizure stages (P < 0.05) and shortened cumulative ADD (P < 0.01) during hippocampus rapid kindling acquisition in mice compared with vehicle group. Meanwhile, number of stimulations in stage 1-2 was significantly increased (P < 0.05) and the incidence of fully kindled animals was significantly decreased (P < 0.01). However, 10 or 50 mg/kg crocin showed no significant effect on the above indexes (all P>0.05). Crocin (100 or 200 mg/kg) significantly decreased the incidence of GS (all P < 0.01) and reduced average seizure stages (all P < 0.01) in fully-kindled mice compared with vehicle group; Fifty mg/kg crocin only reduced average seizure stages (P < 0.05).


Low-dose crocin can retard the progression in hippocampus rapid kindling acquisition in mice, while high-dose crocin relieves the GS in fully-kindled mice, which suggests that crocin may be a potential anti-epileptic compound.

Key wordsEpilepsy, temporal lobe      PICROCROCIN/therapeutic use      PICROCROCIN/administration&dosage      Kndling, neurologic/drug effects      Dose-response relationship, drug      Disease models, animal     
Received: 02 October 2016      Published: 06 July 2017
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Corresponding Authors: ZHONG Kai     E-mail:;
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WANG Xiting,TANG Oufeng,YE Yilu,ZHENG Mingzhi,HU Jue,CHEN Zhong,ZHONG Kai. Effects of crocin on hippocampus rapid kindling epilepsy in mice. J Zhejiang Univ (Med Sci), 2017, 46(1): 7-14.

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与溶剂对照组比较,20 mg/kg藏红花素能抑制小鼠海马电点燃癫痫形成过程的每日平均发作等级(P < 0.05),缩短每日累积后放电持续时间(P < 0.01),同时延长癫痫在1~2级停留的刺激次数(P < 0.05),并降低小鼠完全点燃的比例(P < 0.01)。10或50 mg/kg藏红花素对上述指标均无明显影响(P>0.05)。对于已经完全点燃的动物,100或200 mg/kg藏红花素均能降低其大发作的概率(均P < 0.01),降低平均发作等级(均P < 0.01);50 mg/kg藏红花素则仅对平均发作等级有降低作用(P < 0.05)。



关键词: 癫痫, 颞叶/中药疗法,  藏红花苦素/治疗应用,  藏红花苦素/投药和剂量,  点燃效应, 神经病学/药物作用,  剂量效应关系, 药物,  疾病模型, 动物 
Fig 1 Effects of crocin with various dosages on hippocampus rapid kindling acquisition in mice
Fig 2 Representative electroencephalograms of each group on hippocampus rapid kindling acquisition in mice
Fig 3 Effects of crocin with various dosage on number of stimulations and number of mice in different seizure states
($\overline {x}$±s)
组别n癫痫大发作概率 (%)癫痫发作等级后放电持续时间 (s)大发作持续时间 (s)
藏红花素20 mg/kg组691.74.31±0.4035.42±8.8825.36±7.32
藏红花素50 mg/kg组673.34.04±0.74*28.30±6.2919.82±6.12
藏红花素100 mg/kg组655.0**3.48±0.47**28.98±7.2016.51±5.29
藏红花素200 mg/kg组660.0**3.58±0.37**35.65±6.3123.95±12.22
Tab 1 Antiepileptic effects of crocin with various dosage on generalized seizure
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