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Journal of ZheJiang University(Medical Science)  1997, Vol. 26 Issue (5): 196-199    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-9292.1997.05.002
Zheng Gaoli, Zhu Shoumin, Liu Ziyi
Research Center of Food and Nutrition, Zhejiang Medical University
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The antioxidative activity of soybean isoflavone extract was observed in high peroxidative mouse model induced by adriamycin(ADR). Mice was administered with 5 mg/kg ADR ip once every four days four times in two weeks. Soybean isoflavone extract was administered orally each day for 14 d. Soy beau isoflavone extract at dose of 200 mg/kg increased SOD activities in mouse erythrocytes, liver and heart by 97.0%, 42.0% and 97.0% respectively. At the dose of 50 mg/kg soybean isoflavone increased SOD activities in erythrocyte, liver and heart by 88.0%,33.0%and 46.0% respectively. The GSH-px activities in heart were increased by 122.3% and 99.4% in the two treated groups. GSH levels in liver were increased by 69.0% and 44.0% respectively. LPO levels in plasma, liver and heart were lowered by 26.5%,20.1%and 17.9% in group 3 and by 13.0%, 4.4% and 16.0% in group 4. The results suggested that soybean isoflavone extract demonstrated antioxidative activities.

Key wordsIsoflavones      Antioxidants      Soybean     
Received: 02 April 1997      Published: 25 September 1997
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Zheng Gaoli, Zhu Shoumin, Liu Ziyi. THE ANTIOXIDATIVE EFFECT OF SOYBEAN ISOFLAVONES. Journal of ZheJiang University(Medical Science), 1997, 26(5): 196-199.

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作者观察大豆异黄酮提取物(SIE)对阿霉素(ADR)引起小鼠过氧化损伤的抗氧化作用。小鼠每4d腹腔注射ADR 5mg/kg,连续4次,制备小鼠高过氧化病理模型,同时口服SIE,连续14d。结果SIE 200mg/kg组小鼠红细胞、肝脏和心肌SOD活性分别提高97.0%、42.0%和97.0%(P均<0.01)。心肌GSH-pX活性提高122.3%,肝脏GSH增加69.0%,血浆、肝脏和心脏的LPO水平分别下降26.5%、20.1%和17.9%(P均<0.01)。50mg/kg组红细胞、肝脏和心肌的SD活性分别提高88.0%、33.0%和46.0%,心肌GSH-pX活性提高99.4%,肝脏GSH提高44.0%(P<0.01),血浆、肝脏和心脏LPO水平降低12.6%(P<0.05)、4.4%(P>0.05)和15.4%(P<0.05)。并且心肌细胞病理损伤程度也明显减轻。结果表明,大豆异黄酮对小鼠过氧化损伤有较强的抗氧化作用。

关键词: 异黄酮类,  抗氧化剂,  大豆 
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