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Journal of ZheJiang University(Medical Science)  1991, Vol. 20 Issue (4): 150-152    DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-9292.1991.04.002
Lin Wu1, Liang Wenquan1, Zhao Weihong1, Zhou Huaiwu2, Lu Ming2, Sun Jiaqing2
1. LDepartment of Pharmaceutics;
2. Departmet of Biomathematics
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The single-dose pharmacokinetics of piroxicam (PIX) in rabbits has been studied.Following oral administration of the drug, the plasma concentration curves showed double peaks with the first at 3.9±1.2h and the second at 5.9±1.0h.Intravenous administration yielded a single peak at 4.7±0.8h.The curves declined smoothly and the peak subsided after bile duct-cannulating.The mean residence time and the area under the plasma concentration curves decreased from 5.5±1.8h and 78.6±25.6μg·h/ml in normal rabbits as opposed to 2.5±0.4h and 40.5±7.92μg·h/ml in bile duct-cannulated rabbits after intravenous administration.These results suggested that the multiple-peak phenomenon of PIX pharmacokinetics was caused by enterohepatic circulation (EHC).The Value of PIX EHC fraction in rabbits was confirmed to be 0.48.

Received: 01 August 1990      Published: 25 July 1991
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Lin Wu, Liang Wenquan, Zhao Weihong, Zhou Huaiwu, Lu Ming, Sun Jiaqing. DOUBLE-PEAK PHENOMENON OF PIROXICAM PHARMACOKINETICS. Journal of ZheJiang University(Medical Science), 1991, 20(4): 150-152.

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本实验以家兔为对象, 研究了炎痛喜康(piroxicam, PIX)药物动力学中的双峰现象并探讨了其产生的机制。实验表明, 家兔口服PIX后, 血药浓度时间曲线出现双峰, 静脉注射PIX后也有一峰形产生。经胆汁引流的家兔静脉注射PIX后, 双峰现象消失, 血药浓度时间曲线下面积减小, 药物平均滞留时间缩短。因此认为PIX的双峰现象是由于药物的肠肝循环所致。本文还测定了PIX的肠肝循环分数。

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