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J Zhejiang Univ (Med Sci)  2021, Vol. 50 Issue (3): 335-344    DOI: 10.3724/zdxbyxb-2021-0183
Advances in the role of silence information regulator family in pathological pregnancy
GE Yingzhou12(),LIU Xinmei12,HUANG Hefeng1,23,*()
1. International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200030, China; 2. Shanghai Key Laboratory of Embryo Original Diseases, Shanghai 200030, China;
3. Women’s Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou 310006, China
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Aberrant maternal inflammation and oxidative stress are the two main mechanisms of pathological pregnancy. The silence information regulator (sirtuin) family is a highly conserved family of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)-dependent deacylases. By regulating the post-translational modification of proteins, sirtuin is involved in various biological processes including oxidative stress and inflammation. Nowadays, emerging evidence indicates that sirtuin may be closely related to the occurrence and development of pathological pregnancy. The down-regulation of sirtuin can cause spontaneous preterm delivery by promoting uterine contraction and rupture of fetal membranes, cause gestational diabetes mellitus through promoting oxidative stress and affecting the activity of key enzymes in glucose metabolism, cause preeclampsia by reducing the proliferation and invasion ability of trophoblasts, cause intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy by promoting the production of bile acids and T helper 1 cell (Th1) cytokines, and cause intrauterine growth restriction through inducing mitochondrial dysfunction. Moreover, the expression and activation of sirtuin can be modulated through dietary interventions, thus sirtuin is expected to become a new target for the prevention and treatment of pregnancy complications. This article reviews the role of the sirtuin family in the occurrence and development of pathological pregnancy and its influence on the development of the offspring.

Key wordsSilence information regulator      Premature delivery      Gestational diabetes mellitus      Preeclampsia      Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy      Intrauterine growth restriction      Review     
Received: 29 January 2021      Published: 16 August 2021
CLC:  R714.2  
Corresponding Authors: HUANG Hefeng     E-mail:;
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GE Yingzhou,LIU Xinmei,HUANG Hefeng. Advances in the role of silence information regulator family in pathological pregnancy. J Zhejiang Univ (Med Sci), 2021, 50(3): 335-344.

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关键词: 沉默信息调节因子,  早产,  妊娠糖尿病,  子痫前期,  妊娠肝内胆汁淤积症,  胎儿生长受限,  综述 
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